Over the years, we have provided assistance to numerous families and domestic helpers in Singapore, expertly guiding them through the intricacies of the entire hiring and employment process. Allow us to manage the intricate details, enabling you and your domestic helper to focus on nurturing a constructive and fruitful working relationship.

domestic helpers in Singapore

Direct Recruitment

Have you already identified the ideal candidate for the role? Terrific. Leave the rest to us. Our skilled team is well-versed in the requisite protocols and prerequisites, ensuring the swift processing and approval of all documentation. We ensure a seamless commencement to your journey of employment.

Direct Transfer of Helper

starting from

428 SGD

Direct Hiring from the Philippines

starting from

1900 SGD

Direct Hiring from Indonesia

starting from

1100 SGD

Agency-based Recruitment

When seeking the perfect domestic helpers for your family, our colleagues are here to help. We streamline the hiring process, recommending candidates who align seamlessly with your specific needs.

Singapore Transfer Helper

starting from

1488 SGD

Hiring from the Philippines

starting from

2800 SGD

Hiring from Indonesia

starting from

2200 SGD

Additional Services

Complimentary Work Permit Renewal upon Purchase of Insurance Policy

Renewal of Work Permit

no service for renewal,  insurance policy from

523.90 SGD

Philippines Home Leave


320 SGD

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